Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email continually comes out on top as the most effective way of affecting your  bottom line.

We know how to not only create effective campaigns but to also combine email marketing with social media to increase the impact for better results..

Email provides an effective connection with your target audience and produces one of the best returns on investment your marketing spend can get. By communicating with your current and potential customers you build a relationship which can produce spectacular results.

Repeated surveys of businesses worldwide confirm that email marketing is an essential tool in your marketing arsenal. By using personalized, carefully segmented and targeted email marketing campaigns your business can increase brand awareness and, more importantly, drive traffic & conversions.

We can deliver your complete end-to-end email marketing strategy from overall planning, through to email template design, auto-responder sequences, copywriting, and tracking & reporting.

Tailored Email Marketing Strategy

We will develop a tailored Email Marketing Strategy for your business to get the best results from your target audiences.

Targeted Email Marketing Campaigns

An email campaign is a sequence of messages specifically designed to deliver key information or move your audience along your sales funnel. We can create & design an effective campaign which can be fully managed with detailed tracking & reporting.

Highly-Responsive Email Templates

Utilising the latest, tested, design features we can create templates for your email campaigns which are proven to improve open rates and conversions.

Automation, Tracking & Reporting

In addition to tracking & reporting on the key metrics in your email campaigns, we can set up automation to execute your campaigns with minimal hands-on involvement, freeing up your time for other things!

Increase your online presence by choosing our email marketing services. Our award winning formula combines strategy, implementation and tracking.

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Leap-frog your competition with an effective email marketing strategy

Email is still one of the most effective means of engaging with your customers. Our email marketing services help you reach more people with messages that make people click and buy!


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