Advanced online presence analysis, audit & management

Advanced online presence analysis, audit & management

Checking & managing your online presence is a full-time activity. Using the best analytics tools & techniques, your business and brand can be positioned in the best possible ways and your strategy can be tuned based on real data & feedback

Comprehensive digital presence analysis

A comprehensive digital presence analysis and audit covers not only your website, but also your other digital assets such as social media, content, & video. We perform a gap-analysis on your existing analytics tools & setup. Digging deeper we can cover analysis of your digital campaigns, your competition, and your current market position.

A thorough analysis & audit identifies any potential issues with the setup & performance of your website, plus how your presence on other platforms and in other media aligns & supports your marketing efforts. The result is a comprehensive report covering recommendations for improvements in site design & setup; on-page & off-page SEO; social media strategies; and other appropriate digital marketing strategies such as mobile & video. A strategy is nothing without an implementation plan so we include an outline plan aligned with your business goals, needs and objectives.

Effective Online Presence Analysis & Strategic Planning

We work closely with you to establish goals & objectives for your online strategy. We use a wide range of proven tools, resources & techniques to perform an accurate analysis of your business, customers, competition & market.

By doing this we take the guesswork out of designing your strategy so your activities can be laser-focused to produce effective results & maximise your return-on-investment.

Continuous improvement strategy

Our reports give you total transparency of what has been happening and are used to formulate the future continuous improvement plans for your business.

Agile, integrated, projects

We’re very experienced in agile project & programme management. We use these skills to plan and execute projects which integrate seamlessly into your wider strategic programme whilst being highly flexible to cope with the fast pace of change in the digital domain.

Advanced Analytics & Data Driven Strategies

We offer advanced analytics, SEO & Google analytics, market analysis, competition analysis, customer journey auditing & optimisation, content audits, and market influencer research & analysis. We can also work with you to develop unique ‘buyer personas’, which bring a focus to your marketing efforts by helping you target the right audiences and guide the development of your digital strategy & online assets.

Our analytics service offers a wide range of options including: Site Goal Funnels and Performance Metrics, Tagging, Traffic Segmentation and Traffic Source Integration, Usability Metrics, Multi-platform and Cross-platform Analytics, eCommerce analytics, Automated & Custom Reporting, and Conversion Optimization (CRO). All of this can be tailored to specific KPIs for your business so you’ll always know that you are on track.

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